To all you who are not for abortion

Ok, if you guys dont like people killing there babies at all for any reason, then why arent you out adopting all the kids from homes?

Answer #1

Responsibility. Don’t pass the buck. If you can be woman to have sex. You can be woman to take care of business with babies. Don’t do it if you cant be responsible in either way.

Answer #2

lol, you’re asking for people to back up their words? it’s so much easier to talk about killing poor innocent babies than to help the unwanted children out there…

Answer #3

some of us ladies have biological impulses (like something pulling) that tell us to follow through with the pregnancy. I know when I got knocked up, even though it was incredibly inconvenient, I knew I had to have the kid. it is hard to explain. I would think that pregnancy causes a phycological/emotional change in most women. this is just my opinion though (no facts)

Answer #4

I lack the courage of my conviction. plus I don’t have the time, money, or energy to take care of some kid who needs constant attention. it is a really difficult process to go through. there are home visits, piles of paperwork, invasions of privacy, and no guarantee that I get to keep the child that I foster for a certain time period.

(there you go, I think that is all the excuses one could muster)

Answer #5

their wont bee much babies to adopt if their killng them huh…those babies could have been adopted but now their dead…its not that easy to wakre up one day and say I going to adopt its a long process and not everyone gets accepted do you now how long a waiting list is for a kid its as simple as it seems…its not sad to have an abortion but its sad when you have a misscarigge I dont understand their both sad things and and no one should want either…

Answer #6

hey smoke… the comment about “wasting sperm” is not relevant at all. an abortion would mean expelling a fertilized egg, which has the potential to become a human if it is nurtured the right way… no one cares what you do with your spooge before that point… just like it isn’t considered inhumane for woman to have their periods or for us to eat the eggs of a hen. and your unsolicited political bashing wasn’t necessary. please don’t make pro choicers look ignorant.

Answer #7

it’s not that we dont want to adopt but a lot of people are not economically able… killing a baby is the same than killing a full grown man..the only difference is that the man can defend himself. in the case of rape only !! I am pro abortion but if the girl is out there having fun and just doesnt want the baby because is not cool, her parents will get mad ,or it takes time away from her… im strongly agains it.

Answer #8

just because someone had a baby and gave it up does not mean it was because they went off, had sex and then had one. things like rape, the condom breaking and change of mind, ect, ect are also factors. you assume no one thought about the resposiblities before the had a kid. in some cases, abortion is the ONLY way out. and women need that option

Answer #9

This is not true at all. Some countrys are only allowed to take in so many kids/babies each year for adoption. It also costs and arm and a leg to adopt. IF it were that easy to just go and pick some poor child up of the street and give it a good home im sure more people would do it. They need to make it not so hard to adopt and less costly before that could realistically happen. If you care to go online and read some of the stories about people who are desperate to adopt but cant because of lack of money and limited countrys to adopt from. Just for the record I would adopt a baby in two seconds flat. No questions asked.

Answer #10

im not for abortion, im not completely against it either. but just because someone doesnt like it does not mean they should go out and get a baby. hardly any peiople have the time, money and heart to go out and help all the kids needed to be adopted…thats like saying everyone who hates the pound should go out and adopt all the cats and dogs that are there. no one will do that. and no one deserves to be told that they should do that. its a persons individual choice to adopt a baby. its a huge responibility. and just because you think abortion is wrong dosnt mean you should be told to go out and adopt a baby.

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