Titanic the saddest movie I have ever watched, anyone else agree?

I have to say, the saddest movie I have ever watched is the titanic with leo dicaprio in it. I can’t get past the part where it crashes because it makes me so sad. Anyone else feel really upset from that movie? I know its just a movie, but its real to me.

Answer #1

disagreed lol

Answer #2

Yes. I think the better term would be the greatest love story of our time. Then the fact that Jack dies just crushes and surprises everyone. If I werent in a theater (I’m a guy now..) I would have cried. I’m not big on crying during movies.. lol.

Answer #3

First time I saw it, I was ok until the old Rose walked up the stairs, then it like went back in time to when it happened and with Jack (You know what I mean). Even thinking about it makes me cry, I’m crying right now, second time, I cried a bit earlier. Pass a tisue

Answer #4

yeah it’s a very sad film. for me it’s so sad cause it’s about a real event.

Answer #5

It was very sad and very tragic, because it really happened! I would have to say, that it is ONE of the saddest movies I have seen.

Answer #6

haha yep.it a sad movie but its also one of the greatest movies ever made in my opinion…but I heard there making titanic 2…which is just a ridicuosly stupid thing to do.

Answer #7

I love Titanic. I love the heart of the ocean necklace! The movie was really good. I was so sad when Jack (Leo) ends up letting go. I cry almost every time I watch it. Its like the only movie I really cried while watching. :)

Answer #8

Yes it was sad. But I dont know if it was the saddest movie I’ve ever seen. I just saw Sophie’s Choice, this woman at a concentration camp during WWII had to decide which of her children had to die…

Answer #9

August Rush is deppresing :( I LOVE IT!!!

Answer #10

I think The Green Mile made me more upset. I didn’t get into Titanic.

Answer #11

its not sad to me! I didnt cry about it. my brother cried to death!

Answer #12

it was a good movie the best part is when rose is on her lifeboat and she looks up at jack and she gets off to go back to the titanic to be with jack

jack and rose:fake titanic-real

Answer #13

yes it’s sad but not the saddest I’ve ever watched.

Answer #14

yaaa. sigh

Answer #15

Yeah. I usually don’t think movies are sad, but knowing it actually happened makes it sad.

Answer #16

I cried when I watched it!! it is a very sad also a moveing film xx

Answer #17

omg yes! its so sad…but look at leos eyes in the movie…as blue as the ocean that took his life! wow that was deep lol

Answer #18

yeah but leonardo dicaprio is hottt

Answer #19

Oh yes but Neonardo Decapreo is cute lol

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