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Tired of being overweight

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Ok im like 5'3, 13 years old and weigh like 130lbs!!! I've been struggling for years trying as hard as possible to lose weight. I watch what im eating, I go jogging a lot, and im always moving, like active I guess. I will not go on any type of diet...ever, because when you go off that diet..hellooo! Its lke you never did anything. I mean yeh go ahead and cut junk foosd out altogether, but once day when you want to havea bowl of icecream, youll be addicted to junk food again and bye bye skinney. Please help. I want to be slim ,I want to get the most out of mi teen life, and im tired of being fat. And im sick of all that shtt about "your supposed to be how you r. God made you like that. Bklah blah blah. I don't no what to do anymore and find miself cryin about it aalmost every day. Help meh.