Are there any tips or tricks to make your lips appear smaller/thinner?

Answer #1

put covorup on them and no dark lipstick

Answer #2

lip reduction…lol. orrr. use concealer over natural lip line. Line just inside natural lip line. Fill in new lip shape with lipstick.

Answer #3

lol i was about to ask this question, but i heard u can trace ur lips with concealer, then founadtion the powder over them or trace a lip liner inside ur natural lip line way so they look smaller and then put ur gloss or lipstick on and certain colors can make your lips appear diferent sizes, and then there is always sugery

Answer #4

A thick lips is beautiful. The only trick I know to make a thick lips thinner is to use lighter shade of lipstick.

Answer #5

conceal the lips, to fade them. or depends how old you are, dark colours are slimming.

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