Tips To Reduce Scarring?

My cat, in a feeble attempt to get away from the dog, attached himself to whatever he could find - namely, my face.

Now I have some deep long cuts on my face, that although they won’t stop bleeding, are not serious enough for stitches, but they will leave some nasty, ugly scars.

My question is, do you have any tips to reduce scarring?

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lol…I really shouldn’t laugh but the same thing happened to me only it was my foot. Anyway a friend of mine had some scars on her neck and she used mederma, they faded a lot.

Answer #2

Awww, I’m sorry, I can feel your pain (literally, dont ever give a cat a bath in a thunderstorm, EVER… luckily my face was spared). Try mederma

Answer #3

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … (deep breath) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. umm sorry. try bio oil and dont pick at it lol. you can get it in superdrug or boots that sort of thing. I’ve still got scars from when I was holding the cat and my mate turned her portable fan on. my arm didn’t stop bleeding for about an hour

Answer #4

Neosporin(or the Canadian equivalent) claims to reduce scarring. Here is an article with natural ways to reduce scars.

“by Jennifer Eblin It may be a surgery scar, a birthmark, a scar from scrapping our knee as a child. We all have our problem spots; the place on our body that we want to hide at all times, and for some it might be as simple as a pimple scar. No matter what scar you are looking to hide or reduce, there is an option for you.

A natural remedy for acne scars is a raw potato. Grate a peeled potato, and compress the shavings into a small pad; you can do this by placing the shavings in a cheesecloth and squeezing until the moisture is gone. Rub the pad over the acne scar for at least five minutes. Another option is to just rub the raw cut potato on the acne scar.

Onion extract, found in Mederma gel, is a possible way to reduce the appearance of scars, but requires months of continued use before any change is apparent. Most people tend to get frustrated and give up long before then. You can also try silicone gel. Silicone can flatten and lighten the color of the scar by changing the collagen fibers in the scar, and is easy to apply. The silicone sheets have also been shown to help reduce the appearance of a lot of scars. The sheets press against the skin, and eventually help the scar change appearance and blend into the skin around it. Alpha Hydroxy is also known to improve the look of scars, but doesn’t work on all types.

In some cases it might be necessary to seek a surgical remedy for your scar. A collagen injection can change the appearance of the scar, as can a steroid injection. Laser removal should be used as a last resort, because it is expensive, painful, and may take multiple treatments to show any results. Even then the scar may only change a few shades in appearance and not disappear completely.

It is important to remember that most products designed to hide or reduce scarring, work best on newer scars. Most can have some effect on older scars, but it takes continued use over a course of months, maybe even longer. You should also remember that the products cannot be used until the scar is completely healed over, and there is no pain associated with it.

Take care that removing your scar is something that you truly want, and not something that you feel you should do. I have an eight inch long scar on my ankle from surgery when I was fourteen. Many people have encouraged me to try ways of reducing it, but I take it as a badge of honor. It has lightened and changed in the years since my surgery, but it is something that I will always remember. I like it, and it’s a part of me. You might feel the same way about your scars.”

Answer #5

hehe its not funny but cats make me laugh *has a wierd sense of humour.

hope fully the scratchs from your cat wont scar your face. unfortunatly scarings a either going to be there or not. you cant control how much scaring will be left due to the fact its your face healing its self. All the creams and stuff are useless and a waste of money you could use them little butterfly stitchs to keep the wound together. This would allow the tissue to heal back together not create new tissue to bridge the gap. If You could get a picture up of the wound I may be able to help more. if you wondering how id be able to help more. ?

I to have a cat lol

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