Do you have any tips for when cutting your own hair?

Specifically your bangs?

Answer #1

your ears are your level

Answer #2

If you have short hair, don’t go overboard on cutting it. Even if it might be a little uneven, or not exactly might end up into cutting that spot over and over until its super short..:P That’s what happened to me. Cutting your bangs is a little tricky, don’t cut to much. It’s one of those things where if you don’t like the way they look, you’re just gonna have to wait for them to grow out :/ Try pinning them up to make them look how you want them to look, then cut the parts you don’t want on them.

Answer #3

The only thing I know to tell you is: keep a steady hand, make sure what you are cutting is visible (don’t just snip something you can barely see), make sure you are ready for a mistake…as cutting your own hair can lead to many mistakes like unevenness, choppy looking, too short, etc… Once you cut a piece of hair too short, there is no going back…you’ll just have to deal with it until it grows back out.

The best way to go would be to get your hair professionally cut, or cut by someone who has a bit of experience such as a friend or family member that you trust. Cutting your own hair is a lot more difficult than it seems.

Answer #4

I’d recommend not doing it, honestly. It costs a little to get it done, but it reduces chances of you needing to get it fixed. Havinf it done would be better.

Answer #5

NEVER! cut your bands straight across holding the sisccors horizontal!:) cut your bangs vertical you should check some videos on you tube for a better look on how and what not:)

Answer #6

Yeah, don’t do it. I’m a hairdresser and I’ve seen too many failed attempts of people cutting their own hair, or getting a friend to cut it. Hairdressing isn’t just about hacking away at the hair, there are angles and precisions that are impossible to do on your own head :|

Answer #7

ALWAYS cut a fringe when it’s dry, ‘cause if you cut it absolutely to perfection wet then as it dries it’ll spring up and be shorter than you thought :/

Answer #8

Yes… Always remember… You can cut more but you can’t put it back. And I cut my own bangs… But if you have medium-long length hair i would recommend cutting them at a slant and for short hair almost anything looks good. My friend had short hair and she got her bangs really short going over her eye and it reached the length of the rest of her hair. It looked really good and she could still clip them back or brush them to the side… Hope I helped:)

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