What are some tips for applying makeup in the spring?

Answer #1

If its humid go light or it will melt. Always use a primer. Color wise you can do what ever you want but soft pinks yellows and skin tones will be the popular colors. If your wearing eyeliner you might want to go with brown because its softer.

Answer #2

get natural look…use pink, peach, bronze, and yellow for colors. as daviesha hubert said use brown eyeliner. use pink, bronze, or peach for blush. Dont apply toooooo much make up because that’s being fake! just dont wear too much make up…wear it light! you might wanna look up “spring make up looks”on google aswell. =)

Answer #3

im not into make up at all…just prob lip gloss for me and maybe foundation =) im not a make up girl =) but i always see some cool make up looks on the web and in mags.

Answer #4

NO matter if its humid or not. i think you should go light so that your doesnt look dark. i even heard that when it starts getting hot you should try to where lets make-up because makeup can make you hot faster

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