What time is considered morning, afternoon, and evening?

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the morning is 6am afternoon 12pm and evening 6pm

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Morning is 12am-11am. After noon is 12pm-5pm. Evening from 5pm-8pm... and then 9pm-11pm nighty night time

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I would still say morning is from around 5am to 11am though. since thats really when the sun is coming up to its zenith location.

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Yea true.

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The day is divided into two twelve hour segments (technically): AM and PM so, morning is anything from 12am (midnight) to 12pm (noon) and the rest is open to interpretation all depending on? You have early afternoon and late afternoon. Early evening and late evening. As well as early morning and late morning. Then there is also the "wee" hours of the morning like 2 or 3am for example. The context of a conversation dictates what time(s) we are talking about.

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Not only the conversational context, but also the season. In winter, you're more likely to call 5:30pm "early evening" because it's dark, while in summer, when dark doesn't come until 8 or 9pm, you're more likely to think of 5:30 as "late afternoon." But OMD is right that there are no hard and fast rules that separate afternoon from evening, or evening from night. Only morning is more clearly defined, as any "a.m." time.

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Morning is considered to be 5 am to 11 am

Afternoon is considered to be 12 pm to 5 pm

Evening is considered to be 6 pm to 8 pm

Night time is considered 9 pm to 2 am

Late night or early morning is considered 2 am to 5 am

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