Throat problems

I have a really bad cold, its like strep but its not. I really want to get rid of the pain when I cough. I tried chicken noodle soup and cough drops and the spray. Anything else I can use. House hold items please.

Answer #1

my ma said its not or I just got allergies and shes a nurse and seen it a lot. I dont think its strep because whenever I do got strep, im really really tired. but I think this is a bad cold.

Answer #2

Why are you so sure it isn’t strep? Have you had it swabbed?

You should see a doctor for any sore throat that is severe or doesn’t start getting better on its own in a day or two.

Answer #3

I’ve had what you described and I think allergies are the cause. Neither cough drops nor drinking water help. I did eat some honey and it helped to sooth the dryness. Try some honey.

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