What is your first thought each morning when you wake up?

Answer #1

-My Boyfran

Answer #2

honestly i think i have this thought everytime…”why am i getting up? i have nothing to get up for”…haha i just do

Answer #3

:((( sigh I was totally going to write that too but… :’(

Answer #4

Now my first thought is that I really really really miss my ex!! :’(

Answer #5

Once upon a time the first words that popped up in my head and out of my mouth was the name of the guy I was very much in love with…til he hurt me…now i am disappointed in love & I just dont believe in it anymore!

how about you guys?!

Answer #6

connor, didnt know you and your bf broke up. :s that’s too sad.. Hope you’re ok :s or you’ll be ok soon…

Answer #7

my first thought in the morning is ‘when is my day gonna get better?’ or ‘i hope the day ends soon so i can sleep again. ‘ sleep is my only happy time right now. :s

Answer #8

if imma die or live 4 the rest of the day!=\

Answer #9

im sorry.

Answer #10

what wouldn’t you sweetie?!

Answer #11

Usually that I’m tired or have to pee ahaha

Answer #12

I don’t want to get up, and want to sleep more haha :P

Answer #13

“i think ill just sleep for another hour… but i have to pee and im extremely hungry!!!”

Answer #14


I’m not a morning person. xD

Answer #15

haha i know!

Answer #16

how lucky i am to have waken up and what a beautiful day it is. everyone should think that when they wake up. because there’s no guarantee that you’ll wake up in the morning.

Answer #17


Answer #18

get up or not? Usually not. Lol

Answer #19

get up or not? Usually not. Lol

Answer #20

My coffee better be ready

Answer #21

‘Where am I’. Takes a second to soak in..

Answer #22

I think to myself “I fell asleep? When did that happen? I don’t remember!” or “F! I fell asleep! D; I hope no one ra me.”

Answer #23

‘’WHAT THE H3LL AM I GOING TO WEAR TODAY, OMG OMG freakout I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT THIS OUT LAST NIGHT! SH1T SH1T SH1T throws clothes around the room in a frantic rush to get ready for work OMG OMG YOU GUYS I AM FREAKING OUT;;; WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?! rest of people in house grumble in their sleep with no interest whatsoever to my dilemma‘’

Answer #24

Wow. So deep. nods along wide eyed…

Answer #25

Gotta pee the dog! :)

Answer #26

My leg hurts :( BUT, I slept through the night, which is good :)

Answer #27

Im not ready to get up!!!!

Answer #28

ewwww i have to go to school :/

Answer #29

I swear that is totally me! Especially when someone else wakes me up before I have to be up.

Answer #30

5 more minutes !!

Answer #31

time to go back to sleep (:

Answer #32

Ugh another boring day! That’s usually what I think

Answer #33


Answer #34

Where’s snooze button!?

Answer #35

What am I going to study today, even if I am on holiday that is the first thing that comes into my mind.

Answer #36

my boyfriend, food ,the tolet lol…..

Answer #37

Ugh………I have to pee!!

Answer #38

More like afternoon during the summer most of the time

Answer #39

I don’t want to go to school or wake up this early

Answer #40

Think about am I in a good mood or not and what I am going to due next.

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