This is a total mess!

Ok im dating a guy who “supposedly” broke up with his girlfriend…now I dont know if I believe this is true because he is a good liar..and I saw his ex ..or girlfriend w.e. A few days ago and she gave me dirty looks and started following me..yes she does know about me and my boyfriend messing around while they were going out but now I don’t know if theyre still together..

Asking her would be weird bc I dont even talk to her..

And asking him wouldnt work bc he could just lie…help please

Answer #1

Hmm tricky situtation. Maybe have you tried asking one of his or her friends whether they are still together to avoid having to ask the people themselves.? just say it casually like, “Ohh, is And still going out bcoz I’ve heard they arent. Is this true?” However if you dont know their friends/ or hear they are still togetha then perhaps you should re-consider whether he is the right guy for you if all he does is lie to you. MAybe he is telling you one thing and this other girl another. Is he playing you both and stringing you along? Thiink Hun.

Its a suggestion..?


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