this guy wants to kill him self!!

so I have a boyfriend and I love him a lot right… ok bottom line im happy with my love life and wouldnt want it any other way… there is a guy though who is madly in love with me and doesnt leave me alone. He knows I have a boyfriend but he still chases me. He calls me at least 20 times a day but I dont pick up- leaves me like 100 voicemails.,, I changed my number but he still got it… hes a gangster type of a guy and he honestly has no life. he called me the other day and I picked up to tell him to f^^^ off and he was crying tellin me he was gonna commit suicide. I didnt believe him but he was talkin crazy and he would do it… he told me he has nothing to live for exept me and if I dont give him a chance to be with me hes gonna kill himself at the end of the week. I believe he will because he is a disturbed guy that is hated by his family and everyone… but hes a good guy good looking and good hearted… WHAT SHOULD I DO?? I dont want to be with him but I dont want him to kill hisself so pleasee help me because if nething happens im gonna blame myself… what can I say to him or what can I do? and btw my boyfriend doesnt no about this or he would kill him…

pleaseee helppp thank youuu

Answer #1

This guy sounds like really bad news but you are right about him needing help as soon as possible. My advice to you is to stay away from him since he is acting irrationally and could possibly be unpredictable in his actions. In other words do not confront him alone and try to avoid him if possible (ex. continue not answering calls). However you should try to help him by contacting his immediate family and friends and tell them what he has said to you. If you can’t do this then maybe ask someone else like your parents or an adult you trust. Threating to kill oneself is no joke and should be taken seriously and this is why you should tell people around while so they can help him. Also he needs help because what he is doing is harassment and it’s against the law. You could press charges and even get a restraining order. He needs to get help in order to avoid hurting you or himself. Here are some hotlines that you can also give to him or call yourself for more information:

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