This guy in my reading class XP

Okay, this guy in my reading class (I DO NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL) is seriously getting on my nerves. He keeps thinking that me and my guy friend are “going-out”, and the thing is, we aren’t! Why can’t most people just accept that a guy and a girl can be friends without “going-out”?

XP Most of my friends are guys so I get this crap a lot.

Answer #1

sounds like you should hit him…violence usually isnt the answer but thats a real pain in the

Answer #2

that is an age - old question, just remember that usually that stuff stems from jealousy. A girl mite like you guy friend and is jealous YOU get to spend time with him, In your situation the guy probly likes you so making you mad is his way to express it and maybe get your attention, He is also probly jealous of the guy you are friends with too. It sounds weird but thats what I would put my money on

Answer #3

lol obliviouse22^^^

I almost did when he wouldn’t shut up!

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