I want to go out with him what shall i do?

Ok at school on thursday I went out of maths for a second then I came back in and we were playing games on the whiteboard, and my friend waved at me and people were staring at me and saying witwooo and you make a good ccouple (I sit at the back) and I looked at my crush who is on the next table, and he was blank, and everyone kept saying those things, even the teacher had a smile on his face, I mean were not even going out, and I am much taller than him, but I want to go out with him what shall I do???

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Well, it doesnt really matter about height, you could be going out with a boy taller than you, or smaller, as long as you have the feelings that youu should have for him, then thats all that counts hun.
Best of luck x

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my friend who waved at me told them, , and they are saying it because they no I fancy him
and I cant tell you who he is but I want to go out with him, but I am much taller than him

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I dont get this, you've not mentiond why they were all saying this stuff, anf how they find out, who he is or anythiingg lol. Write that, on answer after my comment, and I'd bee happy to help :) ♥

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