who thinks xmas is over-rated?

Answer #1

The way it is spelled or the holiday?

Answer #2

I do. My birthday should be a national holiday, I mean there’s PROOF that I exsist, where-as there’s not proof Christ exsisted. I have a birth certificate and an SS number. Does J.C. have that? No.

Answer #3

I think that people put too much emphasis on money and not enough on family…but whos to judge. I personally enjoy christmas, buying presents, decorating the house, putting up a tree, spending time with my family, watching my son open presents and believing in santa claus. Its a great time of year…we dont celebrate the religious aspect of christmas though.

Answer #4

I don’t. I love it. It’s great(: I love spending the time with all of my family and friends<3

Answer #5

who cares its not like i ever got anything i wanted. but i dont celebrate christmas anymore. i just get ready for new years eve, if u know what i mean.

Answer #6

Christmas is awesome

Answer #7

christmas itself can never be over-rated because of what it represents. but i think the way society presents christmas is over rated

Answer #8

The holiday is amazing. Espesially what it represents, can never be overrated. But how much money is spent on gifts, and decorating, is just to much, a simple christmas is nice. but not too much.

Answer #9

I don’t think it’s overrated, the reason for Christmas could never be overrated. And Christmas is also another chance to spend time with the family.

Answer #10

sort of, in my opinion. because people pay to much attention on the gifts and decorations…… (some times) forgetting the meaning of christmas (birth of jesus christ)…. like in other religions they celebrate christmas but not the birth jesus at all… but where im from we usually do a “pesebre” which is a small scene of still life figures making an understanding of the time jesus was born (farm animals, the three kings, mary and joseph, ect) but i dont want to get too religios but if you dont believe, than thats fine and i accept it…

Answer #11

No its not but the way they represent it on TV it is. No one has a family like that. But its a time to love family and give and recieve

Answer #12

i think christmas is over rated ,it all about money , it nice to decorate and buy gifts but we need to remember the true meaning of christmas

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