Who else thinks teachers are under paid?

Answer #1

well they are

Answer #2

Well it depends on where they teach, what they teach, and they’re “level” in the school. But yes, I think most teachers are under-paid.

Answer #3

New teachers are very under paid…tenured teachers do pretty good….and Administrators are vastly OVER paid.

Answer #4

I don’t think teachers are underpaid. It’s one of the occupations where a person who is employed in that particular field, teaches the same thing every year to a class full of students. The only time when a teacher needs to learn new things is if the government (Department of Education) stipulates teachers having to follows new procedures or change their school curriculum. They have the same holidays as the students, two weeks after every terms and 2 months off after the last term (4th term).

Answer #5

The teachers here are quite well paid…my sister and her husband are both teachers and I do their taxes, so all I can say is - there’s no lack of funds going into that household. On top of that, they have a terrific retirement plan.

Answer #6

I believe they are wayy underpaid. Teachers are som of tje most important people in soicety. Without them where would we be? No matter if it’s a kindergarden teacher showing kids how to write their names and how to read, or a highschool calculus teacher, they are some of the most important people and they get paid way less than many people who do alot less in ther jobs. Especailly compared to celebrities and singers. Teaching is alot more complicated than singing wouldn’t you say? Depending, of course. I could go on and on but yes. They’re I believe there underpaid.

Answer #7

depends on the educational institutions :)

Answer #8

they dont deserve to be paid :P

Answer #9

gave you a thumbs up sumo wrestler :P

Answer #10

If all you had to do was teach the same thing in the same way to the same kids over and over every year, then, they are still underpaid, think how boring that would be. Most teachers bust their butts (not all, but more) trying make learning interesting. They are mostly underpaid. And the bs about them having summers off? Hahahahaha, not. They either work another job, or are teaching. And they work more than a 40 hour week during the school year. Teachers are mostly dedicated. The few bad apples should be tossed out., Whoops, guess I had an opinion on this one!

Answer #11

It depends on where they work. Many states have strong teachers’ unions in which they can retire much earlier than other professions. Most teachers would NOT trade their benefits for a higher salary. Also, underpaid relative to what? You can argue that every profession is underpaid.

Find me a profession that requires just a BA with the same work effort as a teacher (and yes, the summers are largely off or working another job, in which case the “pay” isn’t apples to apples, and most people would love a summer off in which they just had to take a class). People love to rag on business graduates, but those I know who are working anything near a 40-hour week (but work year long) make about as much as a teacher without as good of benefits. Those who make a better money are also working 60 hour weeks, not 40 and going home and grading papers in front of the tv for a couple hours a week.

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