What is thinking too much??

People say i think alot but not in a negative way but what i think like is differnt then the ususal person. my mind it very open and i read people well with there eyes and gestures on how there life is and im told im very good at it like and i think of the most randomest things that people just like give me blank stares. is it possible to think too much? cuz im not smart but i think alot which causes me anxiety since i was little but i duno. wat do u think?

Answer #1

If it causes you anxiety, then yeah. You may be over thinking things just a little. Perhaps when you do it you could try changing your train of thought into something else, such as what you want to do for the day still or anything else to get your mind off of the track it’s on.

Answer #2

Why does it cause you anxiety? Is it what other people think? I don’t think you can think too much. You can talk too much though! And how would you stop thinking? Random thoughts are wrong as long as they’re not mean and hurtful. If some people think you are weird, well, so what, at least you are being you. I would rather have friends who say what they think, rather than keep it all inside which will just make them unhappy. Oh, yeah, and who says you’re not smart? Just because you think differently, that can be a good thing, you are thinking outside the box, you are having interesting thoughts, original thoughts.

Answer #3

to me “thinking to much” is when i keep thinking things over and over again,i think of multiple things at once,thinking of different situations of it the bad outcomes the good outcomes ect. and then it leads to stress. thats my opinion on it.

Answer #4

its dosnt affect my relationships, its that wen i think iv thought so much outside the box that people find it very interseting. iv thought of things that r aparently very unusual and creative in a way. and i feel like wen i see a person im very good at reading them. but it also causes me to overthink and make me nervous for stupid things. and apart of it is cuz i hav ADD which is y i also say im not very smart

Answer #5

I have found some people (mostly women - not trying to be sexist, just seems to work out that way) will “Over Think” almost everything. They will read into every gesture people make, the way said person stands, the way said persons inflections are, etc. and jump to the conclusion that said person is mad, or annoyed, or any other non-existent emotions. They see everything people do with deeper meaning, that a lot of times just isn’t there. While I will agree you can learn a lot just from people body langue and facial cues, just because someone sits one seat over instead of right across from you doesn’t mean they now hate you.

Answer #6

its more like wen u sense how sum1 is feeling wen u look into sum1s eyes

Answer #7

first of all get this straight sweetie, You are smart…if you spend time thinking about hings (which people tend to not understand) that just proves my point right there! So please stop talking negatively about yourself! you are just bringing on bad karma, and you dont need that in your life!

now, if some people find your thoughts idea’s weird, maybe they simply cant comprehend on your level! That again, just proved my point that is 2/0 still in your favor…

You can analyze and question & research the thoughts you have from here to Timbuktu for all I care…that doesnt make it over thinking…that just makes you cautious…and there aint noth wrong with that sugar!
if it becomes somewhat obsessive & may cause you or others around you severe bodily harm or cause you to have depressing thoughts of god forbid su!cide, m*rder or god forbid worse..something against the law…then I would be calling that an issue…and probably advise you to seek professional help for that asap….preferably sooner then later!

Till then…kindly tell others that find you weird or over thinking things… that I said they should just step off bcz we at FA aint havin it! OK?!

Girl, you lift your head up high, and bounce if those people are considered your friends…because they are just people lookin for sh!t to say all caught up in other people’s business!

Smile…Because your worth it! :P Have a great day!

Answer #8

Hmm idk. I don’t really get that form someones eyes. I usually pick up on their mood just from being around them, guess body langue.

Your random jumps of thought or random ideas no one else gets shouldn’t make you feel bad about though. My friend makes the oddest jumps in logic and the strangest thing link together in her brain. Just like you said she will blurt out something that only to her has any relevance to the topic at a hand. So don’t feel bad about those jumps in logic, you just think differently than other people. Nothing bad about it, just different. And well as the Major said form Ghost in the Shell “If we all reacted the same way, we’d be predictable, and there’s always more than one way to view a situation. What’s true for the group is also true for the individual. It’s simple: Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. It’s slow death.”

Answer #9

I too tend to think too much, so I constantly remind myself to stop continuous thinking.

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