Things to thank my parents for

I need to write a letter to my parents (for my school grad) and thank them for things that they have done for me and let them know how much I love them. I can’t think of anything! I mean I love them and I’m thankful I just feel like I can’t express it in words. If you have anything insparational or ideas please post! Thanks/

Answer #1

Words fall so short of describing what you’ve done for me, how much you’ve meant to me - I am so proud to be your daughter - your slight corrections and your ‘not so slight’ corrections made me who I am today and I’m Thankful - you’ve never let me down, even when I came up short - I’ve said all that to say this: “thank you mom and dad, you’re the best and I love you dearly”

Answer #2

Is there anyone around you that has a school yearbook with senior write ups in it? That would be a good place to look for inspiration as to what to say.

Answer #3

aaww! that was so cute thanks!

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