What should my girlfriend and I talk about?

me and my girlfriend have been going out for 10 months and we talk a lot but I was wondering if anyone has any questions I could ask her.

Answer #1

Since both of you have a lot of things to talk is there extra time for you to ask her questions? Hahas.Just kidding. =D

Yeah.Of course there are questions you can ask her.Erm..

Ask her about her childhood.To me its really fun to talk about childhood.(Even though I don’t have fun childhood).

And maybe you can ask her about future.etc.

Good luck! ^^

Answer #2

If your looking for something that gets you talking about anything and everything get yourself a relationship game. They will give you many topics to discuss and you will get to know her even better. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

talk about yourselves, get to know each other more, ask each other more questions, say jokes, talk about school, anything that was going’ around lately in America or where ever you live, just talk about everything! all topics!! and she will feel that it’s fun talking to you, cause you talk about everything!! you can also try saying things that she likes to hear, I mean, she’s your girlfriend and I’m sure you know what she likes to hear!! good luck!!

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