What does it mean when a question is locked?

Two questions; What does it mean when a question is locked? I noticed the anorexic questions were locked. AND, why do some questions have a 100% in paranthesis beside them?

Answer #1

The anorexia ones have been locked b/c we don’t want people either encouraging the behavior OR saying ‘i want to become anorexic as well’.

So, instead of deleting them, we locked them. If people have a follow up, they can post it, with the caveat that we don’t allow people to post questions where they are trying to get help to hurt themselves anymore. (we had some, we deleted most, kept a few, mostly to try to encourage people to do the right thing, etc).

The 100%…can you give me an example?

Answer #2


The 100% means that an answer you’ve given to a question was rated as “helpful” by people who red it (if you see the “Did you find this answer helpful? Yes No” at the bottom of every answer, that allows people to vote).

Hope that answers the last part of your question!

Answer #3

Thank you both. The 100% is for a question I answered, or that anyone has answered and has been rated? I have voted for MANY great answers I have seen already!

Answer #4

Thank you for answering my questions. Both of you have a fabulous week!

Answer #5

Hmm…I believe the 100% only shows up for you on questions you’ve answered to show you how your answer was rated. If I’m wrong, hopefully thedude will correct me.

Answer #6

She ask such good questions. . . . .

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