How to make my thighs bigger?

How do I make my thighs bigger? what exercises can I do?

Answer #1

Yeahh do you want fatter or stronger?

Um if you want fatter…then eat junk like chips or fast food lol.

If you want them stronger…do like excersises that give you muscle…like running…pilates, or biking maybe=)

I’d prefer muscle though…not fat=)

Answer #2

If you are aiming for larger, well shaped thights you could try making sure that you counsume the amount fo calories that your body needs- if you go to the calorie needs calculator section of this website you can see how many calories you need. If you are already eating the amount it states then you could try eating more than that amount. It would be best to eat these calories healthily within a balanced diet, be sure to include protein, dairy products, fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates. Swimming, walking, climbing and cycling are good exercises to tone the thighs I would have thought.

Answer #3

do you mean fatter or stronger? :|

Answer #4

wow the why would you want to make your thighs bigger… you must be anorexic or something

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