What if I like an older boy whose cousin I dated?

there is this boy i like and i am super crazy about him there is 2 problems he is 2 gradesabove me and i dated his cousin i think i love him and i i dont wanna get hurt by him…

Answer #1

Love is a pretty serious thing. are you sure you aren’t just infatuated with him? a lot of times people mistake love with the emotions that come from the challenge of trying to get a guy. Just take things slow, take the time to get to know eachother, and see what happens. the biggest thing is don’t make it super easy for him, and don’t say anything about love until he does: once you guys have been talking for a while and you feel comfortable, tell him you like him and let him have the next move. Good luck!!!

Answer #2

Some advice,> you need to learn the difference between a crush, infatuation ,and love. It will save you a lot of trouble and pain in the long run. You simply can NOT be ‘in love’ with someone you do not know. What do you ‘love’ about this person? Without taking the time to get to know someone, the only thing you love about them would be their looks, their reputation, or your own idealized version of what you imagine them to be. Lust, infatuation and a childish or immature crush, in that order. Sorry, but you need to get over this. You’re being unrealistic. When you really do fall in love, you’ll know it and you won’t have to ask anyone else. Neither will you feel so confused.

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