How can I get this temp service to pay what they owe me?

I talked to a layer they said “ its like getting blood from a turnip” an anothe replaied with its wasting money to get money! I emailed wrtv 6 here in Indiana and no responsise they laid all of us off and I am so poor I had direct deposit after working through tri state then those check were takin out as soon as they were deposited! I am about to loose my car :( Thank you for the help I wrote wrtv 6 after reading your responsice thank you that was a great idea!

Answer #2

You’re welcome. The lawyer thing, I was thinking if you already had one or if you have a lawyer friend it would be really easy for them to type up a threatening letter just to scare the company–not necessarily advocating spending an arm and a leg for a lawyer’s services!

I hope the media thing works out for you. Bombard the newspapers and TV stations with it, negative press will do the trick.

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