Can we make our own Sims Life Stories?

Can’t we make our own people and make our own story for them? I don’t like playing Riley and whoever else we have to play.

Oh yeah one more question for ya… How can I download clothes for The Sims 2 and make it so my Sims can wear them while playing? And how can I download different hair? Lol.


Answer #1

I am not sure about the life stories but to download stuff for free you go on then exange sims and find one that you want with good hair and clothes and skin tone then press download. if you need any help fun mail me xx

Answer #2

Does Downloads for sims stuff hurt your computer(give you trojans,viruses,etc)?

Answer #3

Are you talking about a sims game on the internet or on say an Xbox console?

Answer #4

you go to … go to exchange under that title it should be a list click sims… it should be about 20,000 sims to choose from… make sure you have the game that is needed to download if not… you wont be able to wear it!!!

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