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My ex and I broke up awhile ago and my best friend and him hid fom me that they were dating. I just found out from another friend after I had, had a dream they were and then I asked because I was so scared. She said yes. I have talked to them both and they say they don’t want to hurt me because I’m still in love with him but, they wont break up so that I can because seeing him and her around hurts more than ever. It hurts I start crying everytime I start to talk to one of them. If I was in there place I’d call it off. WELL I wouldn’t of gone out with my best friends ex boyfriend regardless how much I “loved” them. Esspicially if they loved them.

Anyone want to tell me what’s the real right thing here?

Answer #1

I was talking to him about it and saying I was horrible and crap cause that’s how I feel

Austinator says (9:35 PM): And I’m sorry Erin, Mandi wasn’t better at all. Austinator says (9:36 PM): Just wondering. :!:~:!Erin!:~:!: She Is His Angel Without Wings & He Doesn’t Even Give Her The Time Of Day… says (9:36 PM): no, austin I was worse and I’m worse than vicki and worse than kathlendice Austinator says (9:36 PM): No :!:~:!Erin!:~:!: She Is His Angel Without Wings & He Doesn’t Even Give Her The Time Of Day… says (9:37 PM): How could I not be? Austinator says (9:37 PM): You’re not, okay.

Answer #2

He either thought he saw something better or he is a two timing dog, move on with your life there are plenty more fish in the sea. Anyone that has to go hiding behind your back that there seeing a friend of yours is not worth it and I would also evaluate your friendships with this other girl, but remember if he did that to you, he can also do it to her and then where will the both of you be, if you want to mention that to the other girl thats up to you, but that is pretty much what is going to happen to her. Dump him and move on . You will be alright, it will take a little time to heal, but you will be better off in the long run.

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