The pill & condoms

If a girl is on the pill is it safe to just use that and not a condom? Just curious :p

Answer #1

Yes the pill is up to 98% effective if used correctly- thats why it is the most poluar choice of contraception.

Although they will not prevent you from getting an S.T.I so you really should still use condoms if you are unsure about your partners past partners.

Answer #2

It just depends for some people it works GREAT! But for my sister in law and myself we were that 1% out of 99.9% effective I guess that did get pregnant on BC so be careful. They don’t prevent STD’s So I would say continue being extra safe!

Answer #3

if taken correctly then the pill is 98% effective at preventing pregnnacy the main reason why people on the pill get pregnant is becaise they dont use correctly, and miss pills, ect also vomitting or having diareaha less than 4 hours after taking the pill will make it a lot less effective so if taken correctly, it will do a good job at preventing pregnancy what it wont prevent though is stds and stis only a condom can help to prevent getting them so if weither one of you has been sexually active before then its best to sue a condom as well

Answer #4

It depends what you mean by “safe.” If you mean, “If she is on the pill, can we still contract sexually transmitted diseases from each other?” the answer is yes, you can. The pill has nothing to do with the transmission of disease.

If you mean, “Is the pill a sufficient measure against her getting pregnant?” the answer is yes and no. It is one of most most effective methods of birth control available if it is used correctly, but no method of birth control is 100% effective. Pregnancy rates on the pill can range anywhere from 1% to 10%, so if you wanted to be as safe as possible, keep the condom on.

Answer #5

no you cAN STILL GET pregnant!!!


Answer #6

No you can get STD’s or STI’s … who wants that? Plus the pill wont protect you 100% from getting pregnant.

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