How to get the new girl gone?

ok theres this new girl at school and she took my place! like all my exs and all the guys like her and I dont think shes tat pretty but they do. I want her gone! one of us is going to leave and its not going to be me. sooo how do I get rid of her?

Answer #1

act exactly like her try 2 wear better clothes then her,why be better at everything then her. do somthin 2 get her jelous! ;) or just try 2 make friends and learn her ways with guys.

Answer #2

well it’s pretty obvious you’re jealous of this girl. if many boys like her it’s not only just because she’s new and pretty, she probably has something special. there is no way you can get rid of her, you just have to accept the fact that the world does not revolve around you, and get on with your life. you don’t even know her, she could end up being your best friend, but you’ll never find that out by trying to get rid of her and envying her, will you?

Answer #3

you could mooch off of her fame by bein her friend!

Answer #4

No offence but get over it and stop being so jealous…

Answer #5

You cant be so jealous. She is the new girl, you’ve had your fame now get over it and let someone else have it for once. Not trying to be mean but guys HATE when girls are jealous.

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