the hardest thing??

What is the Hardest thing to do on a skatebord?

Answer #1

for me? Standing on it.

I’ll take inline any day, no boards for me.

Answer #2

Riding it!!! lol

Answer #3

geting on it and riding it well for me that is ily crisp

Answer #4

probably things like danny way, bob burnquist and tony hawk have done like 50’50ing over a cliff and parachuting down it, jumping over the great wall of china, jumping off a helicopter and landing on a ramp, the 900 also vert skating can be hard, especially if its for world record air attempts anything like those requires thousands of hours of practice, patience, dedication, and lots of attempts, working out how to do it and injury other tricks are a lot easier because theres already instructions on how to do them so anything new and anything that pushes the boundaries of skateboarding will be hard if your a beginner though, usually the simplest thing will seem like the hardest, like when you start off and cant ollie or kicklip and think “damn ill never be able to do it its just too hard” but after a lot of practice and patience, youll get it for me though, its kickflipping, I used to be able to do it untill I tore both my ankles skating, now flip tricks are harder to do, so I just like to ollie off stairs and huge gaps and practice 70s and 80s tricks

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