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The Friend? or The Duplicate?

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Okay, so I have this friend, And we have been friends for years now.

But theres a problem.

Everything I do, she seems to do also;
I try to have my OWN individuality, but I dont think she gets that, I dress in my own fashions, she sees it, she buys it, I have my own unique communication/parsonality style, she does the same, the wacky craxy things I do, say, act, dress, and EVERYTHING else she could pssibly do the same SHE DOES> which makes me think shes also going for my boyfriend who also seems ot be getting into her.

I am changing my hair an di wanted it this way for a logn time. So today I asked her on MSN if I should dye it this weekend or at the end of the month. Just to see what she would say.

SO heres what went down:

Me: Should I dye my hair soon or later?

her: I think you shoudl dye it later.

me: Are you dying yours too

Her: Oh I dont know.

Me: Oh well okay
And so on. She evens get this fake attitude and voice when she wants or is gettin gattention and I dont wan tot be mean or anything but she does. She gets upset when I hang out with other people like my best friend abby or people who dont like her or she doesnt liek it when I ivvite other people over...When I invite her over too so I I dont make her feel left out or anythign she does this thing where its all like '...Remember when we...' over AND OVER AND OVERRR'

and I dont know what to I am getting called 'her' like her ont want to mention her name actually. But people think I look like her whne I totally look different, they say I act like her, dress liek her and sound like her. WHNE I DONT.

Im sick of it. SHES ME , IM NOT HER.

What can I do about this. Its sucks.