Do you like the dollar store?

Do you like the dollar store? I wuv it because everything is only a dollar.

Answer #1

I luv da dollar store itsz da best everything is almost a dollar ..were in a recession we need deses those kinds of prices

Answer #2

Over here, they’re called Reject Shops, or similar. Like them very much as you can obtain just about everything you may require for a modest sum. This is important in a country like Australia where most people don’t have a great deal of money.

Answer #3

Not every state has tax. In NH if something is a dollar at a dollar store, you pay just a dollar at the dollar store. And yeah I like the dollar store. Cheap batteries.

Answer #4

not everything is one dollar but yes dollar stores are okay

Answer #5

tehe :D I forgot about tax :o

Answer #6

I go there all the time :D Actually everything is 1.08 (with tax :D:D:D) lmfao

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