The color black

How come people do not make black chalk and black siding? I just recently noticed it.

Answer #1

You can use charcoal instead of chalk … and today I saw a house with black siding, a black porch and black window frames. It didn’t look great…

Answer #2

People do not make black chalk because then they would have to make a white chalkboard and black chalk doesnt show on a blackchalk board.. =D

Answer #3

Insulation only helps maintain temperature it does not keep the temperature. If the outside is heating faster then the inside is cooling then the house will get very hot. You can have black siding but it cost a fortune to cool it, no one is willing to waste that kind of money.

Answer #4

Wouldn’t show up too well on the blackboard, would it? Besides, it would require so much dye that it would affect the texture of the chalk, itself.

As for siding, well, black absorbs heat…you’d be living in a furnace.

Answer #5

I mean not that kind of chalk. like sidewalk chalk, and it wouldnt matter if it absorbs heat if you have insulation, would it?

Answer #6

There is black sideing in one of the really old classrooms in my school…

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