The best physicians formulas?

Has Anyone experienced ANY of the Physicians Formula Items that work best for YOU?
It could be anything that you've tried from powder or liners or mascaras. .

Anything from that company that you've tried that works Best for you skin and looks?

I have fair skin.

Thanks Folks!

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I have a confusing face color. Fair-Beige colored skin. What would you recommend Best of what Ph' Formula Foundation or concealer I buy?


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I have incredibly pale skin, and I mistakenly grabbed buff beige, its is surprising light for beige, I think it would work for you. Its called 'Talc-Free Mineral Wear Mineral Loose powder' in buff beige and I use over top of this 'Magic Mosaic Multi-colored Custom Face Power' in Translucent /Beige. These cover just like regular foundations but its so light and allow your skin to breath.

As for concealer, they have a stick concealer that works pretty good. I use a color correction wheel from NYC. Its a cheaper brand of make-up but it works just as good as the higher priced brands. PF also has color corrective concealers as well that work good to.

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I love there mineral wear makeup line. (no talc) I have the pressed powder, loose powder foundation, pressed blush.

I love the loose powder because I just put on concealer (which is also PF) and it covers like a liquid foundation with out the thick mask feeling, it is waitless and the coverage is flawless. It is also really good for your skin. I had acne before and this stuff helps it go away.

I have 2 eye liners from them and I cant say they work that well. I have a liquid liner and it is to thin to work with, you put it on and there is a line where it wiped off from the brush. I bough a pen liner from them too and it doesn't work.

I suggest getting the concealers, foundations, powders and blush. Try the eye shadows.

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Thanks! I'll Go for It =D

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