Does your high school have the 30cm rule?

Is it Just Me or Is my School The only School with the 30cm rule? If you live in Australia and go to high school does your high school have the 30 cm rule? If so how much do you hate it?

Answer #1

oh godd thats so strange! i live in Scotland and my skool is the strictest public skl in my area but its nothin like that lol aww bless Autralia, i have family there! i really wanna come see wht its like! my best friend moved there a few months ago n i miss her like crazy!! xx

Answer #2

ist three fingers above the knee its so that when you bend over ur panties wont show as much as with shorter skirts thats how it was at my High School

Answer #3

the 30cm rule is when the teachers get up u for hugging and kissing u hav to be atleast 30cm away from the opposite gender at all times

Answer #4

i live in the usa and we have a thing where shorts and skirts and everything has to be a usa dollar length from the knee

Answer #5

Nope, but the teachers enforce it anyway. The same teacher who yelled at a couple making out in the main walk way during calss time and made them bite their (each others) tongues also gets a lot of hugs himself by students. Hugs are fine, kissing is fine if it’s student to student. One guy try to kiss a male teacher on the cheek and got suspended. We don’t notice. What’s the worse a teacher can do, give detention?

Answer #6

Never heard of it before! We do have some strange rules at my school in England, but not that strange….

Answer #7

I have the same thing in my school it’s really

Answer #8

wow creepie yeah so my skool rules suck

Answer #9

mine has up 2 250cm

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