thats not my name

I have listened to thats not my name loads of times by the ting tings. but I still cant work out what the MAN says in the background while the girl is singing the second chorus. help please.

Answer #1

well done! ^^

Answer #2

“This song was in my head, now it’s in my mind, Call it, reach it, get some words and get some timing. Though I realise, I cannot emphasise, I’ll stick around, but just a promise, nothing binding. However can’t you see, that you’re so desperately, A standing joker like a vocal one-liner. Instead of sing-along, this song is monotone, Gotta get some soul, gotta get some feeling…”

That help? I’m a genius! Not really…

Answer #3

I love that song but I cant tell either sorry. lol can you awener this question please

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