Tennis Racquet Brands?

I’m starting Tennis this summer and I’m looking for a racquet. What are the best brands? Prince? Wilson? I’m so confused! And can someone maybe recommend a racquet for me? thanks!

Answer #1

Why not wait and see what your coach or teacher recommends?

I took a few lessons from a pro and he really liked Prince. Classic OS is a nice model if you have a good swing.

Answer #2

When I brought mine the sports shop’s sales assistant recommended Wilson (and no it wasnt the most expensive hehe). And I rather like it. I guess its different for different people, because if you watch Wimbledon all the tennis players have different brands. So there isn’t really one superior brand..or is there? I dont know that much about tennis..

Answer #3

You colud go to a sport’s shop for example JJB sports shop.

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