What did you want to be when you were ten?

Answer #1

Happier :]

Answer #2

I’m with Irene, course I still want that.

Answer #3

thanks for sharin

Answer #4

Haha when I was ten I wanted to be the wife of the guy i’m with now actually.

Answer #5

I wanted to be an actress and a writer, and just travel around spain and italy and other pretty places not doing very much! Then in my teens I got boring and decided I wanted to be a pharmacist. In my first few months at uni I decided I hated the idea of being a pharmacist so I randomly studied biomedical sciences, got my degree and fell in love with research!

Answer #6

so cute!

Answer #7

A guy hahah so i could run around naked :) haha

Answer #8

Guess I just wanted to be 11 :P

Answer #9

When I was 10, I wanted to be a lawyer, now I am in 2nd year studying law at Dundee University :)..

Answer #10

i wanted to be a fairy so… =D Lol

Answer #11

i answered your question now will you help me with mine?

it’s …

okay so i like this guy at school and we are getting closer and stuff, but the other day he hugged me and i noticed something different in the way he hugged me ….

i’m a bit shorter than him so i put my arms around his neck and he had his around my waist, but then he kind of held me more and then after he kind of kept his arm on my lower back for about 5-10 seconds it felt really nice and then we went to our seperate classes- we were alone when he did it and i have been thinking about it since .

any ideas on what it might mean?

Answer #12

hmmm well I guess that mean you two just really like each other…I can’t realy tell I’ve never been in a realtionship =_=lll I’m sorry…

Answer #13

awww that’s really sweet X3

Answer #14

well you should go with you gut feeling it’ll pay off if you dont you will regret it….if i didnt jst go with my gut and tell my Bf how i felt b4 we were going out i wouldnt be with him now and its been 3 years going on for next month of the 3rd…so i say go for it you never know until you try :) Gud luck love

Answer #15

if i remember right, i think it was princess lol

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