difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

What’s the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

Answer #1

0 degrees celsius is 32.5 degrees fahrenheit

Answer #2

Celcius I believe is a lot lower in the numbers with a really high temperature.. I can’t really remeber so I’m just making this up, but 20 degress Celcius is like 200 or 100 somthing degrees fahrenheit..

Answer #3

32 degrees I think…??

Answer #4

im sorry for the ones who tried but failed. celsius and fahrenheit are 2 ways of measuring temperature. another one is kelvin. and to go from celsius to fahrenheit or vise versa the following equations help you do so:

  °C = (5/9) x (°F-32)         °F = [(9/5) x °C] + 32

also celsius, fahrenheit, and kelvin are last names of scientist who developed these scales. Celsius ,also known as centigrade, is a temperature scale named after the astronomer Anders Celsius (1701-1744). The scale is based on water’s (H²O) triple points. Water will freeze or melt at 0°C, and will boil or liquify at 100°C in standard atmospheric pressure. Fahrenheit is a scaled named after physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686-1736). 32 degrees F is the freezing point of water and 212°F is the boiling point of water. This scale was based on the freezing point of a soluble mix of ice, water, and ammonium chloride, a salt. also Fahrenheit and Celsius converge at the temperature -40°F and -40°C. same temp.

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