What would you do if someone tells you your childish and boring?

Answer #1

It would depend on who said it and the manner in which it was delivered.

Answer #2

I would ask them why they think that.

Answer #3

If it came from someone I didn’t respect than I would ignore it. If it came from someone I respected than I would inquire why they felt that way and I would give there words serious thought.

Answer #4

I did and the answer was nothing, I was just boring.

Answer #5

I would try to convince them I’m not.

Answer #6

That is harsh and i dont allow people tell me some thing like that …if they really think iam childsh or boring they have so many ways to take and so many people to be with they can leave me alone.but if they want to help (if i had a fault) i think they should probably stay calm and tell me in a right way not threating me after that i will be so glad and i will absloutly do my best to change =)

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