What can i do to tell her i like her without telling her i like her straight up?

Answer #1

Email her

Answer #2

Ask her out. Emailng=not the way to go, tried it… Asking her out will say it just with different words. If you tell a girl that you like them, they think “that’s great, what am I supposed to do now?” Asking flatters them, and they admiring your courage to ask them are more likely to say yes when you ask them to their face.

Answer #3

Well sorry

Answer #4

text her i think u should first let her know that u like her and than ask her out cuz she may say no but if u say u like her she will start thinking about u and even if she doesnt like u she may have some good feelings to u and start liking i dont know this is my opinion :)

Answer #5

its reasl corny not to let her know straight up. I mean, would you want a chick to beat around the bush if she liked you?

Answer #6

you can always drop hints. just don’t wait too long to actually let her know how you feel……most girls hate it when a guy won’t let her know how he feels.

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