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I got my braces off like 2 years ago, my teeth are perfect but I have to ask I still have to use my retainer something because I've noticed that one starts to turn in or something so I just pop the retainer in and within like a day it moves back. Now my question is are my teeth doing this because my mouth is still growing?& Will it ever stop because it's annoying wearing it.

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Same sit.

You should be wearing your retainer every night to keep it from doing that.
All of your teeth with move back to where they were if you don't use your retainer at night.
Did you get your wisdom teeth out yet?
That might be why, too. Wisdom teeth need to be taken out cause it will push all your teeth forward and shift them.

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you should be wearing your retainer pretty much every night or every other night. especially while you are growing, but even once you get older you should wear it weekly because they can shift back. Also, when you get older if you decide to get pregnant, that can cause your teeth to shift for some reason. Just try to keep up with your retainer..after all that time with braces you definately dont want to have wasted it by letting them get crooked again.

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when one removes teeth and it satrts shifting does it ever stop or will it shift continuosly until dentures are put in

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i know its annoying but if i was you then i would be more than happy to wear the retainer. i had braces about 2 -3 years ago but kept forgetting to wear my retainer at night. now i have two twisted teeth :/ i would love to have perfectly straight teeth again and if i could go through i all again then i would but unfortunaltey i cant. so count yourself lucky

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