there are many teenagers that have goten high are you one of them?

Answer #1

and to the fau user, you are a complete moron the fact the smoking can cause lung cancer is ALREADY a proven fact did you miss it or cant you read? come on, grow up a little and learn some education its not THAT hard is it

Answer #2


Answer #3

I’ve gotten high to

Answer #4

yes I did I know I shouldnt!!! oops!lol

Answer #5

FFS jazlovestoskate — the guy was asking in general if teenagers like us ever got high…what’s with your pointless info regarding joints???

oi I know your sensible but you gotta stop lecturing and preaching its so unbecoming arhhh…:-P otherwise lub ya xxx

Answer #6

I travelled a lot while I was in school.. Every where I went there was the people who did! I have done it a few times myself.. Its more comman then people think..

Answer #7

Nope,to me once you get high as a teen,it’s like throwing your life away in just a click of a finger,you can’t take back what you did until it hits you in the butt months or even years later.

Answer #8

fortunatley no I dint.. I no a lot guys my age that do tho. :( really stupid.:)

Answer #9

I have never gotten high, nor have I had the opportunity or plan to.

Answer #10

bloody oath sure has. !!! love the high but when IT wears off your buggered as :-(

Answer #11

unfortunantly with a bunch of losers two didnt turn out so great for me

Answer #12

no and I wish they had more education about smoking and the long term health problems, cancers and diseases smoking and second hand smoking causes

Answer #13

you know what all you people that want to call stoners stupid can get a life cause I dont know one person who has died from weed but the list goes on and on for tabacco and drinking. Im a stoner and I love getting high and if you think it makes you stupid I am a straight A student homie and all my stoner friends are too so get your facts straight you polically correct libral wanna b’s

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