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My daughter is 16, she has a boyfriend, cell phone, computer in her room, game systems, pretty much anything she wants and also 2 loving parents who lets her have her space but also we make her accountable for her grades. Since she has been dating this boy who we like, she talks to him from after school to bedtime, her grades had plummeted ,and she used to be a high grade student a’s and an occasional b, so I’m asking what consensuses should I give her for her low grades. Some advice needed.

Thanks A loving Mom, who just wants her daughter to secede

Answer #1

if the cell phone/boyfriend is the issue I say until her grades come up then you put a time limit on the phone. or have her do her homework in the kitchen so there are no distractions.

even though you like her boyfriend and they are both good kids im sure but you dont want her to get too far behind. so goodluck I know you just want to help.

Answer #2

Explain to her that you are only thinking about her interests. Remind her that what she does now will refelct the type of carer she has and the salarie she recives when she is an adult.

You may have given her too much freddom so will have to enforce tighter rules. Like amblesses said- restrict talking time to half an hour. Would you not like the boyffiend to visit the house. That way she would get all the exitement out of her system as she has seen him and most likly not have to speek to him so much through out the night.

I would say have a chat with the boyfreind as well. Tell him nicely, but sturnly, that her grades are dropping and you are not blaming it on him but she is becoming far to destracted. he could have a chat with her as well. She may be more likely to listen to her new found love. Hope all go’s ok :)

Answer #3

ii thiink that yhew should…go and talk toher boyfriend and tell hiim that her grades are droppiin and its maybe not because of hiim but she has her other priorites and that inncludes her school grades…of course there iis a tiime for all of the other sociializiinq…but she has to study fiirst and do the stuff that really matter!!

Answer #4

Looks like you are giving her too much space. Tighten things up on her, take some of those things she loves so much, the cell phone, the computer, but also , most importantly, talk to her and listen. I have 3 boys- 12, 17 and 18. You’ve got to be firm with punishment or they will think you are not for real. I would not worry so much, just be supportive, teenage years are hard, remember?

Answer #5

You need to give your daughter responsibilty. Take her to volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter to show her how needy our world is and maybe she would appreciate everything you do and try to give back to you by improving grades and saying thank you. Use your time wisely at dinner time to talk and explain to her how you feel. Having communication between the two is needed. Talk to her boyfriend seriously and explain to him your concerns and meet his parents to see how he is being riased. I tell my son if you have a C, D, or F that means you did not try and I speak to his teacher. Having closeness at school is very important.


Answer #6

first of all you guys are kwl as parents if I had a boyfriend my parents wud hate it first talk to her and tell her whats going on and she has been doing this tell her the conseequences if she doesnt listen put a limit on the phone no phone till she does what has to be done

Answer #7

Limit the distraction, talking time - example: talk for 30 mins - then take phone access away for study.

Answer #8

Set rules for her.Like short’n her bedtime and curvew,she will hate it but give her an explaination.

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