What's some good techno music?

im not sure how to spell that well what are some teckno music?

Answer #1

No wayyy The greatest is The “SandStorm Vs Blow Your Mind” Megamix its 30 minutes of insane nonstop pumping action haha!

Answer #2

I like DOT DOT CURVE :) 3OH!3 Medic Droid Brokencyde

Answer #3

I spell it Techno, I think. OK that looks weird. Oh, but I don’t know any Techno music, sorry. :(

Answer #4

Techno? Or do you want rave? Or Industrial? Or Electronica?

Answer #5

‘fer sure’ and “FSCENE8” - Medic Droid “one more time”, “harder better faster stronger”, and ‘digital love’- Daft Punk

Answer #6
Answer #7

I don’t know my friend said its something like that… like no words

Answer #8

my fave techno song is Fer Sure, byt he Medic Driod.

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