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Teacher ghost?

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How do I know if there is a presents around me like a ghost or someone I really loved in my life? Because last night I didnt have my fan on and the window was closed and I felt this unusual cold on my face that doesnt usually come into my room!! I was thinking it was my dead favorite teacher but then I was thinking why would she come to my house and be in my room? Wouldnt she rather visit me at school? It is weird that a dead teacher would come into my room and watch me sleep...shouldnt she be doing that to her daughter or her husband? The thing is I feel it a lot in my room and I want to possibly feel it again but how do I talk to her if I dont know where she is? Is she spread out everywhere now that she is dead? Or is she a spirit that is just one ghostly figure?can she visit two places at once? And how often does she visit me?