Tea Party

Anyone get to go to the Tea Party? I wanted to go but couldn’t because I couldn’t get off of work. =((

Did anyone get to watch the Thomas Paine videos?

If you did get to go, was it all you hoped it would be?

Answer #1

I really should have gone, I would like to give you an excuse but to be honest I was lazy.

Answer #2

Really, they really are going to set another Tea Party up on July 4th? =)

Answer #3

Videos were ‘right on’, telling it like it is - great to see American’s speak out against massive corruption, trend towards Socialism, and shredding of the Constitution !! - Great to see !! - all it takes for Evil to succeed is for Good men to do nothing…looking forward to July 4th and the upcoming voting booth !!

Answer #4

lol, tut tut, you guys have been out of power less than a 100 days and you’re already whining? amblessed, what about Bush’s shredding of the constitution with his whole wire tapping?

Answer #5

Been a long time since ANY politicians took a gander at the Constitution…at least when it comes to the Amercian people…that’s BOTH sides of the aisle.


Answer #6

* Been a long time since ANY politicians took a gander at the Constitution

For the most part, I must concur. Everyone talks about the Constitution, but hardly anyone actually bothers to read it or try to abide by it. But hell, they don’t read 95% of the bills they sign either.

Answer #7

Good point toadaly…No matter how big it is, or how much money is in it…they find no reason to read it…after all , it’s OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. You don’t find this kind of spending in the private sector…they want to KNOW where their money is going.


Answer #8

Please phrannie, the government did not get us into this financial mess (other than a complete lack of oversite). Profit motives do not always equate to efficiency. And vice-versa. It is not goverment that is the problem, it is the people who do not pay attention to what is really going on. We the People are the ones who chose the goverment, and constantly griping that it is the big bad government fault does nothing to move us ofrward. The corporate media is doing their best to make sure we are distracted by the latest reality TV show, while spoon-feeding us the news that is skewed to their interests, and not the interests of the people.

Answer #9

So are you saying that the Government isn’t Corrupt jirnahl?

That People are making corrupt choices and we the people are just plain stupid and don’t care what happens to us? that may be true in some cases but I also believe there are millions of people that do care what happens just fear holds them back.

Answer #10

Is government corrupt? No. Are there corrupt people in goverment? Absolutley.

People are not making corrupt choices, but too often they make misinformed ones. I don’t doubt there are millions that do care, but with the power of the corporate media, they are easily distracted. And when they are paying attention, they are often inundated with messages of fear from the media to deflect them from the real issues.

Answer #11

Okay, indeed The government isn’t corrupt but some of the people in the government is…

I agree the media can get people distracted. I personally don’t often listen to the media over the news and such…But I do go look up things on my own figuring out what is going on with the world.

just out of curiosity what do you think the (Real issue) is?

Answer #12

There isn’t one single issue, but there has been a concerted effort over the past 30 years to keep people engaged in nonsense issues like flag burning, gay marriage, abortion, and immigration, while their real goal is destroying the middle class and organized labor. The ending of tarrifs that protect american jobs was a direct assault on the middle class, and has led to millions of jobs be shipped overseas. Corporate interests are constantly being met at the expense of we the people. We need to break the stranglehold corporations have over our government. It could be that their own greed will be there undoing, as we see them coming to government to bail them out from their own bad decisions.

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