taylor hicks wins american idol

HI EVERYONE HOW MANY you watch American idol?what do you think of the out come?I think they made the right choice,Talor is Great!

Answer #1

Well, Taylor may have won, but he is the second lowest selling debut album in all the american idol winners. The first is Jordan Sparks, she has sold the least on her debut album. It’s a bomb.

Whereas Daughtry is going through the roof. You don’t have to win it to be successful.

Answer #2

I totally disagree with that! Chris Daughtry deffinitly should of win!!! I don’t think Taylor is going to go far at all, he’s going to fade away like everyone else did. But just wait and see… Chris will have an album out within the next year :)

Answer #3

i agree with first love Chris should have won that is what happens when people dont vote

Answer #4

i dont think taylor should have won, but yet wat do i knw, we all really shouldnt say anything because if we didnt like wat happpen we should have voted. but TAYLOR STINKSS!! ha ha hes okay i guess

Answer #5

hi i disargee with you both,talor can do anything that you through at him,chris,is a great rock singer,hes only into rock n roll,i loved chris,but i was telling my husband,that i think talor well win,becausehe can sing,anything,and that what makes agreat singer,adriana

Answer #6

Truthfully i wanted anyone to win besides KATHRINE there was jsut somethig about her where she thought she as too good Taylor is good and i am glad that he won but like i said as long as KATHRINE didnt win i was fine

Answer #7

I am being truthful myself also.I really didn’t like how Chris went off. But I read something on the computer about that. I heard that there was people calling in to vote for Chris when they did, some didn’t hear his voice and heard Katherine’s voice saying thank you for voting for me. But some did hear Chris’s voice on the other side. Chris should have been the one to move on and Katherine going off. But too bad that didn’t happen that way. I was glad that Chris is going to be in a band. I am glad that Taylor got to be the idol on American idol. Because I am so glad that stuck up Katherine didn’t win the idol. Because the way she some of Chris’s votes which that wasn’t right of her to keep those. That is my opinon about her. Chris would be the true idol. But I know that we do already have an idol that is Taylor Hicks. Very glad for Taylor Hicks.

Answer #8


Answer #9

hi did anyone see our man talor hicks sing in the morning he was great!i love you talor!:)

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