Is it bad not to have a daddy for your baby?

Is it bad not to have a daddy for your baby?

Answer #1

Single parenting isnt easy… It puts the child at risk for poverty, and a host of behavioral and emotional problems (oppositional defiance disorder, conduct disorder, etc…). Of course having an abusive father isnt good either, and one would be better off without that father, but two parents generally make better homes…

Answer #2

If the father is a total asshole or bastard, then it’s probably best that the child be raised without one. the mother can play the roles of mother and father if necessary.

Answer #3

no, it just becomes difficult like anaannihilationn said. but being a single mother is not impossible, you can do it if youre committed to it.

Answer #4

I personally think that having a father figure in each child’s life is important. Children need love and life lessons from both parents. You don’t have to be with the father of the child for that to be so, though. There’s visitation and whatnot that you can work out, unless he’s really a bad guy and will only negatively impact your baby or can’t be trusted with it. If he’s really a bad guy, you need to do what will be for the best.

Being a single mother may be hard, but you can and should get child support from the father of your child to help take care of it. This will make it a little easier, and it is his responsibility to do so.

Take care.

Answer #5

It depends. If its the real dad he should be around unless he’s a drug addict or an alcoholic ect. If youre just searching for a father for your baby (if you have a baby) Don’t do that There a person that will come along and love you and the baby. But don’t be looking for someone just because of the baby. he’ll come along.

But no it’s not all that bad it’s just harder to be a single mother.

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