How many tattoos does Rihanna have and what are they of?

Answer #1

She has got approximately 14 or 15 tattoos, and all Rihanna tattoos are always made for a particular occasion..

The first one was made when Rihanna got eighteen, and she got the zodiac sign of Pisces just back the ear.

The second and third Rihanna tattoos: one note and a treble clef, on one of his feet.

She got another little tattoo, a star on the ear.

Rihanna got another tattoo, a sanskrit prayer on the hip,

Then there is a sign back the right ear, a simple one.

And a cute skull on his back left leg, cute because it have a pink bow on his head.

Rihanna has a tattoo behind the neck, a cascade of little stars, with different dimensions.

She got a tatto on his left arm : it’s a simple guitar with distorted frets.

Then the strangest Rihanna tattoo, that’s a date in roman numerals impressed on her shoulder. The date is 11-4-86, or XI-IV-LXXXVI, and this is not the Rihanna birthday, and not the Chris Brown one.

She has a pistol tattooed just under the arm.

Rihanna got a new tattoo on chest. Is a full and real sentence : “Never a failure, always a lesson”.

The latest tattoo Rihanna got was a Shhh…, on her forefinger.

She has also “Love” tattoo on the middle finger of left hand. So we are at 15 Rihanna tattoos.

Answer #2

wow…I guess she feels no pain. just the thought of getting one i want gives me chills…actually going through with it, thinking about the needle going in & out…ugh….i think i would need to be dead drunk before I could do the one i want & its merely a heart with a dagger going through it & a snake wrapped around…oh well. You go Rihanna…:)

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