Do tattoos attract boys.?

Answer #1

Depends on the boys…some love them..and some think their a turn off. You should never get a tattoo for any other reason but because you want it and it means something to you.

Answer #2

One of my best guy friends finds tattoos absolutly the hottest things ever. he loves them. but then another friend of mine thinks they are such a turn off. I guess it just depends on the guy

Answer #3

I don’t really care one way or the other about tattoos. Personally I don’t really have a desire to get one, since I have never found anything I want permanently stained into my skin :P.

Answer #4

ya if the tatto is a nake dgirl draw on ur body

Answer #5

It depends on the boy , some guys love them and some guys don’t, but never get a tattoo just to impress a guy , only get one if it means a lot to you. It’s not something that just washes off , it stays with you for your whole life.

Answer #6

No. Unless it’s a tattoo smaller than your palm and it has to be around the waist area or lower back.

Answer #7

Agreed with mandyloo. Tattoos are loved by some and hated by others. My boyfriend does not like it AT ALL, however I have some friends who find it extremely sexy.

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