I want to get a tattoo on arm my bros gunna pay and everything so its a free tat for me but if I get a tat on my arm will I still be able to find a job???

Answer #1

Body art is becoming more popular and more accepted so more places are likely to let it go now then say 5 years ago. Some places still may not. They have a tattoo cover-up. It’s like foundation kind of. Worse comes to worse, wear a long sleeve shirt. If the work uniforn is short sleeved then wear one of those Long-John material shirts underneath.

Answer #2

yeah, but you’re less likely to get hired while showing off a tatoo during a job interview. bring attention to it or not, if they see it the’re less likely to (but it is still possible) hire you.

Answer #3

yes but not all jobs like visible tattoos quite a lot of jobs require you to wear something with short sleeves so if you can, get the tatt on your upper arm or ask the job beforehand if they allow tattoos

Answer #4

It gets difficult my mom got one no bigger then a quarter on her palm and she didnt get the job she wanted but I guess it would dependon what kind of job…<3

Answer #5

I have a few tattoos above the elbow, that way I can wear a short sleeves shirt at work. If you go below the elbow then you risk losing a job offer.

Answer #6

Yes you will still be able to get a job. I see people working at Hot Topic and Spencer’s with tattoos on their arms ALL the time. Same goes for piercings. It’s no big deal with most places, but it just depends on where you want to work.

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